Jeff Kessler and Dustin Lair

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Jeff Kessler was born in 1970 and Dustin Lair was born in 1981.

In 1995 Dustin's mom told him about his father, Roger Kessler. Unfortunately Roger had passed the previous November, so Dustin never got to know him.  Dustin wanted to know his fathers family and started looking online and doing some heavy duty research looking for them.

On September 24, 2008, Dustin called Jeff and introduced himself as the brother Jeff had always wanted but didn't know he had. Jeff and Dustin finally met face to face in January of 2009.  The similarities are uncanny and their lives have taken similar paths.  When Jeff was in the Army he was assigned to the watercraft, LSV's and Tugboats at Fort Story and Fort Eustis.  Dustin also works the boats in the civilian sector, so both have proven sealegs!

 Hopefully our families will be able to meet again in the near future and get better acquainted.

Jeff at about 27

Dustin at about 27

Jeff and Amy

Dustin and Belinda

Roger Kessler, year unknown

Roger Kessler High School?

Above: Jeffs maternal grandparents, Luther and Vivian

Jeff and Dustin with their Dad's sibilings

Roger and his Grandmother

Jeff and Dustin in January 2009